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Come join us in beautiful Western Kentucky for some of the finest Whitetail Deer and Turkey Hunting. Bring along your fishing gear for some of the best Bass and Crappie fishing on Lake Barkley, Kentucky Lake and the Cumberland River.


Why choose our hunting service? 

We are located
Our Farms are located in the heart of Crittenden County Kentucky, approximately 1-hour east of Paducah, Kentucky and 1 1/2-hours west of Nashville, Tennessee. All of our farms and leases are on PRIVATE PROPERTY. We offer Fair Chase Hunts for Whitetail Deer and Eastern Wild Turkey. 
We offer
Whitetail Deer Hunting: Archery, Muzzle Loading and Modern Firearm.
Turkey Hunting: Archery or Shotgun.
Youth weekend Whitetail deer and Turkey Hunting.
All of our hunts are 100% Fair Chase. 
Lodging is included along with (2) meals per day with each hunt, fully self contained RV's are also welcomed, (NO-HOOK-UPS). 


2017 Season:


Whitetail Deer:

Whitetail Deer Seasons:
Zone 1 (Crittenden County):
Archery: Sept. 2, 2017 – Jan. 15, 2018, either sex
Crossbow: Oct. 1 – Oct. 22; Nov. 11 – Dec. 31, 2017, either sex
Early Youth Weekend: Oct. 14 – 15, 2017, either sex
Modern Firearms:
Nov. 11 – Nov. 26, 2017, either sex


Harvested Whitetail Bucks must have a minimum spread of 16 inches. (past the ears)
A $300.00 charge will be assessed for Whitetail Bucks under the minimum spread width requirement.

Crittenden County is located in Zone 1

Zone 1 Information:

Hunters Are Allowed Only (1) Buck With Their Statewide Permit. A hunter may take an unlimited number of antlerless deer. Two (2) deer may be taken using the statewide permit and unlimited antlerless deer may be taken using bonus antlerless-only permits (good for two (2) antlerless deer each).



Turkey Season:
April 15, 2017 - May 7, 2017
Fall Season:
October 22, 2017  - October 28, 2017
December 3, 2017 - December 9, 2017





Whitetail Deer

1 Buck; 1 Doe (your buck tag can be used on a doe)


Spring: 2-Males with visible beards
Fall: 1-Male 3-Females

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